Cruise Travel

Cruises are travel redefined. Wherever your mind wanders Herricks Travel can help you plan your journey of a lifetime. Cruises offer the opportunity to indulge in a favorite activity or hobby and exposure to gourmet cuisine, as well as experience a whole new world of music and culture.

Small Ship Cruises

Our small ship cruises combine personalized cruising with cultural land exploration aboard our yachts and vessels. You'll find the onboard ambiance comfortable and sophisticated as you embark on a memorable cruise experience. Small ship cruises include sailing on yachts and expedition vessels to ports where large ships can’t reach, with fewer passengers, more intimate settings, and more personalized attention and service. Herricks Travel can help you create more cherished memories than you ever expected. Explore remote regions of the world accessible only by sea on our private yacht adventures and small ship cruises.

Large Ship Cruises

Large ship cruises are like cities on the water. They have several bars, lounges, and out-of-the-way nooks and crannies, and you’ll always have the opportunity to meet new people. Larger vessels have more dining and entertainment options so you’ll never experience the same thing twice. The possibilities are almost endless. Not to mention the countless activities onboard including rope courses, water slides, pools and jacuzzis, climbing walls, casinos, game nights, dance clubs, live performances, dinner shows, and more. Adventure cruises offer a blend of relaxed comfort and accessibility to stunning natural areas and amazing wildlife. Cruising on smaller ships provides a more intimate experience, and our adventure cruises offer a variety of adventure packages and trips for hiking, biking rock climbing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and much more! Experience local cultures and unleash your energy far and near. Focused on experiencing life outside, our expeditions offer several destinations and multiple sport activities for all ages to enjoy.

On an adventure cruise, you’ll traverse remote wilderness coasts from the safety and comfort of specially designed yachts and small expedition ships. Find your next adventure with Herricks Travel.

Tour the globe with an unforgettable world cruise. World cruise journeys are life changing and unique. Let our experienced luxury cruise experts help you arrange the world cruise experience you deserve. There is no other travel experience that can quite compare to the extraordinary adventure of circumnavigating the globe.

River Cruise

When you’re on the river, you will be able to travel to the heart of the destination, where you can immerse yourself in local experiences. Smaller ships allow for ultimate relaxation as you drift through the towns, cities, and countryside of Europe or ride along the Mississippi river and other major U.S. waterways. All the while, you’ll enjoy onboard comforts such as fine dining restaurants, spa, and entertainment. Our life-enriching river cruises feature exclusive access to unique cultural experiences plus the most intimate, elegant, well-staffed riverboats around. Explore the cities along the world's favorite rivers.